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Design for Advertising

Lamar Advertising: On-Campus Digital Advertising Solutions


Ethicon: Printed Ad for United Way


Lamar Advertising, one of the largest advertisement entities in the world, sought viable concept pilots to place on campus at Auburn University. Their brief was to design an integrated digital advertising solution to be replicated on campuses across the United States. I produced and presented two concepts at the Lamar Headquarters in Pensacola, Florida. The concepts were a three-dimensional free standing unit that had the option of integrated bike racks and a 'sculptural unit', both having similar dual sided screen designs.

As a Co-Op with Johnson & Johnson, I was trusted with the creation of a print ad representing Ethicon’s platinum-level sponsorship of the United Way Women's Leadership Breakfast for Northern New Jersey. This sponsorship afforded a two-page spread that served as the centerpiece of the printed event program. The final ad was met with great enthusiasm from Ethicon representatives who easily used it as a conversation starter with new connections at the event.

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