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Mechanical Resection Handpiece - 2023


PLATINUM HANDPIECE - Powerful, ergonomic and built to last, providing a great solution for arthroscopic mechanical resection needs

Building on the performance of our existing technology, the PLATINUM Handpiece is designed ergonomically with surgeon comfort in mind; accommodating a range of grip styles. Facilitating the removal of dense bone and tissue in large joints, it features improved torque between the working range of 4,000-10,000 RPM, when compared to the DYONICS◊ POWERMAX◊ ELITE Shaver System.

Confidence driven by reliability, control driven by design.

Platinum Side.jpg

I worked as the Industrial Design Lead for the Platinum Handpiece as part of Smith + Nephew's Human Factors + Design Team. The goal for this device was to improve upon its predecessor, DYONICS◊ POWERMAX◊ ELITE, in terms of ergonomics, reliability, weight, and stability.

The shape is designed to accommodate multiple grip styles, while also removing as much material as possible to create a lightweight and comfortable user experience. The handpiece features a bead blasted finish to provide a uniform grip surface that can withstand hundreds of sterilization cycles.

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