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Wound Debridement Console - 2023

VERSAJET III Hydrosurgery System

Experience the cutting edge of advanced hydrosurgery


Using a thin saline jet, the VERSAJET System grasps, cuts and removes tissue with one instrument, in one pass, enabling precise excision of necrosis and other unwanted material while preserving viable tissue for effective wound

bed preparation.


I worked as the Industrial Design Lead for the VERSAJET III Hydrosurgery System, specifically focusing on the console design while serving as a consultant for the on-screen display user interface. This console served as one of the first examples the new Smith + Nephew design language that I and the Human Factors + Design team created to accompany Smith + Nephew's updated brand identity in 2019. 


The easy-to-use system builds on our predicate device with an intuitive touchscreen interface for setup and operation, and the ability to connect to two saline bags to support uninterrupted debridement. The system is also IPX3 water resistant, which necessitated the design of water-resistant side venting seen above.

Shown to debride the majority of wounds with speed and precision (including acute, chronic and burn wounds) the VERSAJET System:

  • Selects: Targets necrotic tissues and debris using a localised vacuum

  • Excises: Ablates non-viable tissue with maximum precision

  • Evacuates: Removes debris and slough while preserving viable tissue

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