My name is Michael Bridgers and I'm an Industrial Designer. I'm a proud Auburn University alumni, and am originally from Marietta, Georgia.

I'm currently a Junior Industrial Designer with Smith & Nephew in Andover, MA. I'm very passionate about the medical device industry and the legitimate impact that my work has on people and their well being.

My goal as a designer is to create things that are made to improve people’s lives and to make a long-lasting impact on them. I want to create things that make people's lives better, things that solve problems bigger than myself, and things that make people happy. 

This website is a combination of a few of my design projects, as well as some CGI explorations. My Instagram is the home for all the random snippets of whatever I may be working on at the time as well as my photography.

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Feel free to reach out and contact me. I'd love to get to know you and share my thoughts with you. 

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